mosaic (masochistically) wrote,

More Two-Headed Monster

mosaic 327, imagined 545 - july 28 06

CCDLNOT to open

M: I almost say dump CDL
J: I would just keep CON... or COT... CON
M (types 'exchange CDLT'): CON? OK?
J: Yeah

New rack: CONNNEF

M: Of course. I kinda knew that would happen.

Opp opens with FAIRIE* -- neither of us blink.
M: FENNEC is an E, right?
J: Yeh... FANON?
M (types it on board): I don't mind that.
(One turn later, opp has bingoed MARINERS. Our rack is ACEIOTV.)
M: Well, NOT COAPTIVE* (a phoney we got away with last week)
J: Heh.
M: COACTIVE, of course.
J: Heh.
M: I can't believe we have this friggin rack again.
J (shuffling tiles): COMATIVE*, OVER-, VOICE-something, -IVE, -ION, OCT-...
(We take a long time on this turn.)
M: I don't think so.
(More shuffling.)
J: VOMICA, then.
(M types it on board.)
J: That's good, right? (We're tired.)
M: Yes. (Hits enter.)
M: We'll be really mad at ourselves if it takes -TE. But I don't think it does.
M: Are you writing any of this down?
(Some turns later. We play A(R)ROGATE for 70, almost drawing even, and Opp hooks their 3rd S in the triple column with DISCERn, making ARROGATES, for 96.)
J: Bleargh.
M: It's ok. We're doing what we have to do.

Our rack: IRTTUY?

(After much shuffling...)
J: I think so! Nice!
(M places it on board.)
M: Hm.
(M removes it from board.)
M: I just want to see if there's something better.
J: Do you think it's good?
M: I thought so, but I'm not sure.
(More shuffling. Six minutes pass.)
(M places TITULARY again.)
M: I know TITULAR.
J: Ohh, right. Crap. Now I don't know.
J: We have 3 minutes left. (19 tiles in bag.)
(We play TIVY for 18, Opp plays EQUIP for 57.)
J: Bleargh.
Somewhere in here...
J: FAIRIE? Is that good?

We examined after. Except for allowing FAIRIE*, and skipping TITUl(A)RY, most of our plays were optimal. Only trouble was, so were Opp's, and it doesn't matter if you're optimal, if your scores are 15-26-32-30-70-18-18-28-74, and opponent's are 69-35-24-36-96-57-40-40-86.

J: Damn FAIRIE*. That's where the game was lost, right there.... Another?
M (grimly): Yeah.

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