mosaic (masochistically) wrote,

Well, Mosaic decided to try keeping track of its two-headed thought processes during two ISC games last night. I (Marsh) jotted things down on a piece of notebook paper so that we wouldn't forget them.

I (Marsh) wish we hadn't done that.

To sum up, Mosaic kind of sucked last night. We managed to talk ourselves out of perfectly good words, including a four — and a six!, which Marsh is very embarrassed about, since Marsh thinks she is solid on sixes, and talk ourselves INTO two phony bingos which, thankfully, stayed on the board. We missed a new eight; no excuse, we knew it, just missed it.

Some very random thoughts:

The first thing written on the page was "ugh, it's Thursday." (Three big clubs that we know of meet on Thursday nights and this meant that hardly anyone was around on ISC.)

To be honest, our mindset wasn't right going into it. I wrote down things like "halfheartedly looked for vowel dump." We had a great deal of pessimism. After playing quate for 35 (and unknowingly missing the new eight), John said "it's not our night." I said, "whaddaya mean? There are 58 tiles left!" And we drew EIOOO, which made one of us hit the table and the other one of us laugh. But we kept that pessimism, which is very often fatal in the game.

Rusty? Well, I know I am. I'm really relieved that I'm not going to Phoenix, as a matter of fact. I need serious work on my fours right now. I think I could talk myself out of any four. "TALK? Wtf is that?" So my study plan begins with "rereview fours."

When we play as Mosaic, I'm braver. One of us will suggest a bingo that we're not 100 percent sure of, and I'm more likely to go along with the play, in general, than I would be if I were playing alone. Interestingly, if I ask myself in the solo moment: "would Mosaic play this?" I'm much more likely to play it over the board, too. So playing as Mosaic shores up my bravery when I play as, well, me.

I like this idea of chronicling some of the thought processes and impressions; I'll do it again. I will make it more organized next time.
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