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john - Albany Preamble, Part 2

The treatment protocol for my scrabble ills was multidimensional. First, I had to learn and memorize a specific counterclaim for every bit of 'evidence' that I was hopeless. Second, I had to regain my desire. Third, I had to conjure some kind of an attitude that would carry me through 22 games in Albany no matter what happened.


Here is the gospel according to Marsh on why I (and you) don't suck. She can be infuriatingly Polyannaish :-) Many of these points are explored in more detail in the series on Real Life vs Online play.

Losing to lower rated players on ISCOne game doesn't mean anything. Were you fed? rested? distracted?
Losing to obvious cheaters on ISCYou are better than them. By not using aids you are exercising your brain and learning better. It simply doesn't count -- and if you must play them, think of it like playing a bot.
Maintaining an overwhelming losing record against a couple of players I considered myself about equal toYour real life record against them is more significant. You are psyching yourself out. Even a 20 game series is a small sample.
Missing 'obvious' plays and bingosWhat's 'obvious'? I've seen Brian miss stuff. Everyone misses stuff. Come observe a few 'top' games, you'll see.
Mischallenging good wordsSo, you didn't know it. So, you fell victim to the fact that most unusual words played on ISC are valid -- you are playing a fair game without aids, and losing a challenge helps you learn. It doesn't mean anything.
Having phoneys challenged offSo, you tried something. So, you fell victim to the fact that most phoneys played on ISC are challenged off -- you are playing a fair game without aids, and losing a challenge helps you learn. It doesn't mean anything.
Playing phoneys that stayYou must be kidding! That's a good thing -- you got one by them! I admire your guts in playing plausible words you aren't sure of.
Losing by a narrow marginWere you tired, playing late into the night? Was it a speed game? Did you keep it close in spite of inferior tiles?
Losing in a blowoutYou are thinking about this so backwards. If I lose by 200+, that is probably one game I didn't have a chance in. I write it off.
Winning due to amazing luckIf you lose it's your fault, and if you win it's the tiles' fault? Do you blame the tiles for your opponents' wins? You can't have it both ways.
Seeing my ISC rating reach 1450Fourteen-schmorteen. It's ISC. It doesn't mean anything. Try playing ONLY non-anonymous NSA players for a while. No speed games.
Seeing my ISC rating reach 1800, but only being able to keep it there for a game or two at mostIt doesn't mean anything.

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